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Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software

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Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery SoftwareCreative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software
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Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software by Wings Systems includes added features such as autoborder, rectangular and circular array, and adding new objects as clones. Plus all the features already loved by Creative Drawings users such as the automatic parameter adjustment for choosing fabric, text editing, and automatic appliqué option. Create embroidery images like never before with Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software. Export 3D realistic embroidery design previews as an embroidery look image and use it for textile printing or for promoting your work. Use Creative Drawings 6 with printable fabrics to make beautiful embroidery look transfers or your own special fabric for appliqués or quilt blocks. You can change from satin to fill or fill to satin. Try the piping, appliqué, net, or cross stitch options to create one of a kind embroidery designs. Let Creative Drawings 5 automatically generate the proper stitches. Set the stitch direction for any area in your embroidery design. Open multiple tabs with designs to easily copy and paste designs to compose new embroideries. Automatic Parameter adjustment for the type of fabric you choose to stitch on. Trace the embroidery design for an abstract look, open as a cross stitch, 4 color photo stitch, or use as a backdrop.

Creative DRAWings 6 includes new features and enhancements that will make your work easier.

  • Clipart libraryInsert clipart
    Insert Clipart, Search clipart by tags, filter designs by tags, Different views in the clipart library dialog for easier selection, Add – Delete tags on every clipart, Rename clipart name and add any design to clipart
  • Implement inertia / kinetic scrolling
    Interactive smooth scrolling (Zoom in – Zoom out) to the design that gives a more flowing feeling to the working space.
  • Sequence manager – show objects
    Every time you hover over a specific object of the sequence manager, the respective object is focused on the screen by moving the view port of the software over the object.
  • Selection options were added in the right click menu
    Selection of objects became easier by adding the most used selection option in the right click menu.
  • Monogramming
    • Monogramming templates designs
    • Monogramming wizardInsert clipart
    • Ability to insert 3 characters for monogramming.
    • Ability to select Font from every True Type font available in the system.
    • Ability to select monogram between different monogram shapes. Ability to edit freely the inserted monogram containers inside the Node editor and transform their shape.
    • Ability to specify which section of a character will be under or above when two or more are overlapping.
  • Array
    • Create Fill Array with any shape
    • Create Outline Array with any shape
    • Create Fill Array from Clipart design
    • Create Outline Array from Clipart design
    • Change Array fill or outline by using a different shape as fill.
    • Create a Fill or Outline Array as clone object. Adjust the original shape and the changes are automatically applied at the objects inside the Fill Array.
  • Array AdjustmentsArray fill
    • Ability to choose between various fills, like Rectangle, Circular, Contour and Single line
    • Add offset to Array fill/outline
    • Adjust horizontal and Vertical spacing between shapes manually through Node editor or by providing specific values at Object properties toolbar.
    • Rotate array shapes by adjusting the respective handle manually through Node editor or by providing specific values at Object properties toolbar.
    • Slant array shapes and create beautiful patterns by adjusting the respective handle manually through Node editor or by providing specific values at Object properties toolbar. The slant value changes the position of the successive array lines
    • Ability to Keep the array shape inside its container by trimming the parts that overflow
    • Separate array fill object to its sub objects
    • Ability to edit the Array fill container through node editor (Edit outline option)
  • Palette order
    Ability to edit the palette order and which palettes will be shown through the respective dialog of "Tools>Options" window
  • File formats
    • Support for .AI format up to CS5
    • Support for .EPS format up to CS5 without text objects(if the text objects are converted to curves we open them fine)Array fill
  • Text
    • Insert Abbreviation inside your text designs. Create New, Edit existing, Delete existing, reset to default options are available.
    • In general you can use combinations of special characters and numbers that will be replaced with a specific symbol you have assigned in the Abbreviation's editor (e.g. --> to be replaced with →)
  • Smart text
    In order to use the abbreviations you have to have the Smart text checkbox checked.
  • Guideline editor
    • Ability to edit the guideline's position with precise values
    • Ability to specify the Y and X axis for Horizontal and Vertical guidelines respectively.
    • Ability to specify the Angle for diagonal guidelines
    • Ability to Lock and hide guidelines
  • Monochrome photo-stitchArray fill
    You have the ability to either create CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) photo-stitch designs or Monochrome in any color you prefer.
  • Export to VP3 file format
    Ability to export the designs to VP3 file Format
  • Magic Wand designing tool
    With the Magic Wand tool you can create shapes that consists of the intersection of two or more other shapes.
  • Improved Macro selection dialog
    Inside the Macro dialog you can now view the limits of the selected Macro. This is very helpful for making the correct selection.
  • We now support Open Type Fonts (.otf)
    We expanded the range of the supported Font types and now we also support Open Type Fonts (.otf).
  • Rotation in rectangular array
    Ability to rotate the Rectangular arrays you are creating easily by dragging the respective control handle while you are creating it. This allows you to position the array in the right angle and produce the design you prefer.Circullar Array fill
  • Circular array Contour ability with or without Equal steps
    When you apply a circular array on a specific object the "Contour steps" and the "Equal steps" options appear on the "Tool options" toolbar. With the "Contour steps" you can specify the contour steps of the circular array you are creating by echoing the shapes of the array and with the "Equal steps" enabled you can multiply the objects of the contoured circles so to appear that they are increasing gradually.
  • Import .PLT vector files
    We can import .PLT vector files and convert them to embroidery
  • New Quilt styles
    You can use any of the new Quilt styles and create beautiful designs for Quilting.
Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software Features:
  • Rectangular and Circular Array
  • Slow redraw 
  • Add new objects as clones
  • Improved embroidery images  
  • Net fill embroidery
  • Make your own lace designs
  • Open multiple tabs with designs 
  • Create embroidery designs with images from your webcam
  • Edit existing embroidery designs
  • Add text using TrueType fonts 
  • Modify stitch types
  • Easily add an outline 
  • Automatic parameter adjustment
  • Automatic appliqué option
  • Advanced object and node editing with Bezier curves
  • 11 different shape alignment options
  • Advanced stitch editing 
  • 3000 Embroidery Designs included
  • Create original embroidery designs within seconds from vector or bitmap images (Load .cmx, .eps, .emf, .svg, .AI, .bmp, .dib, .rle, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, .wmf, .tif, .tiff, .png, .ico).
  • If you quilt with an automated quilter, mid or long arm machine, Creative Drawings 5 will create files for your machine in many file formats (.qdata, .dxf, .emf, .wmf, .plt, .hqf, .txt, .qli.)
Load the following formats: 
  • Experience .nsg
  • Milestone .mls
  • Tajima .dst, .dsz, .dsb, .tbf
  • SWF .sst
  • Sauer .SAS
  • Pfaff .ksm, .pcs, .pcm, .vip
  • Singer .xxx
  • Happy .tap
  • Bernina/ Melco expanded .exp
  • Brother/Babylock/Bernina .pec, .pes
  • Husqvarna Viking .hus, .vip, .shv
  • Janome .jef, .jef+, .sew
  • Juki .M3
  • Toyota .10O
  • Bernina .art
  • QuiltCAD .hqf
  • PC Quilter .txtSt
  • atler Stitcher .qli

When you are ready to start creating, import the following image formats.

Vector Formats Bitmap Formats  
  • Corel Presentation Exchange (.CMX)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS)
  • Enhanced windows metafile (.EMF)
  • Scalable vector graphics (.SVG)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
  • AutoCAD (*.DXF)
  • Windows metafile (*.WMF)
  • HP GL file (.PLT)
  • Bitmap files (.BMP, .DIB, RLE)
  • Jpeg files (.JPG, .JPEG, .JPE, .JFIF)
  • Gif files (.GIF)
  • Windows metafile (.WMF)
  • Tif file (.TIF, .TIFF)
  • Png file (.PNG)
  • Icon file (.ICO)

Compatible Files

When you are ready to embroider, quilt or print your finished file, Save or Export in the following formats.

Save Your Designs

  • Wings Systems (.NGS)
  • DRAWings (.Draw)
  • Tajima (.DST, .DSZ, .DSB)
  • Tajima TBF (.tbf)
  • SWF (.SST)
  • Happy (.TAP)
  • Melco expanded (.EXP)
  • Juki (.M3)
  • Toyota (.10O)
  • Mitshubishi HD
  • Barudan FDR
  • SEF xp (.sef)
  • ZSK TC
  • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (.PEC, .PES)
  • Husqvarna (.HUS)
  • Husqvarna Viking (.VIP, .VP3)
  • Viking Designer 1 (.SHV)
  • Janome (.JEF, .SEW,.JEF+)
  • Pfaff (.KSM, .PCS, .PSM )
  • Singer (.XXX)
  • QuiltCAD (.HQF)
  • PC Quilter (.TXT)
  • Statler Stitcher (.QLI)
  • Quilt data (.qdata)
  • .DXF
  • .EMF
  • .WMF
  • HP GL file (.PLT)
  • System Requirements

    Minimum   Recommended


    Hard Disk:
    Graphics Card:

    Intel Pentium lll / AMD Athlon 1.5 GHz
    1 GB of RAM (for Windows XP O/S) or 2 GB of RAM (for Windows Vista™ & Windows® 7), 3GB of RAM (for Windows Vista™ 64-bit and Windows® 7 64-bit)
    1 GB of free uncompressed space
    For installation

    Minimum: 3D DirectX 9 accelerator with at least 128 MB dedicated RAM, 32-bit color.
    If the machine has Windows Vista/7 it must be Aero capable.

    Hard Disk:
    Graphics Card:
    Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP 2.8 GHz
    2 GB of RAM (for Windows XP® O/S), 3GB of RAM (for Windows Vista™ & Windows® 7),
    4GB of RAM (for Windows Vista™ 64-bit and Windows® 7 64-bit)
    1GB of free uncompressed space
    For Installation
    3D DirectX 10 accelerator with at least 512 MB dedicated RAM, 32-bit color.
    If the machine has Windows® Vista™ /7 it must be Aero capable.
    Monitor Res:

    Windows XP®, or Windows Vista ™, Windows ® 7 with the latest Service Packs.
    1 free USB port
    Monitor Res:


    Windows XP®, Windows Vista ™, Windows® 7 (32 - 64 bit) with the latest Service Packs.
    1 free USB port
    Windows compatible Laser/Ink-jet printer



Creative Drawings 6 Embroidery Software

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