Embroidery Tool Kit

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Embroidery Tool Kit

Professional Results Made Easy!

Embroidery Tool Kit from Designs in Machine Embroidery is the leading innovator in functional and innovative products for the embroidery market. The Embroidery Tool Kit is the latest addition to that family of quality products. Everything you need for professional results is in one easy-to-use affordable package. The Embroidery Tool Kit combines proven favorites with some new essential never before offered. All the tools have been designed by Eileen Roche as a solution to many embroidery challenges. Whether you are facing simple hooping or complex design placement, this kit has the tools to guarantee success.


  • Designed specifically to meet the challenges of every embroiderer -- novice to seasoned professional
  • No learning curve required! Use the easy to follow instructions for expert results
  • Successful embroiderers spend more time embroidering!
  • Improves the quality of your embroiderer and stretches your embroider budge
  • The perfect staple for every embroiderer


  • Angle Finder™
  • Target Rulers™ (6" x 6", 7" x 12")
  • Centering rulers (5", 7", 12")
  • Adhesive centering rulers (14")
  • Target Sticker sheets (75 Target Stickers, 15 Text Stickers)
  • Hoop guards in 3 sizes
The revolutionary Angle Finder determines the exact rotation necessary for any design to be stitched accurately in the hoop. Extra long adhesive centering rulers can be affixed to hoops, tables, or any surface that needs a ruler; easily trimmed to size.
Hoop guards protect your hoop from sticky spray adhesives and reduce clean up time. Centering rulers and Target Rulers are translucent to view existing marks, target stickers, embroidery designs or sew seams clearly.
Target Rulers (one ruler with two perpendicular lines) easily locate the center of any area in the hoop, two sizes accommodate large and small hoops. Centering rulers are flexible to fit in the hoop for measuring designs, distances between designs and marking horizontal and vertical positioning lines.

Additional Features:

  • Target Stickers mark design placement with bulky paper templates and peel off without leaving a residue
  • Hoop guards, rulers and the Angle Finder include holes to facilitate storage
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