PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2

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The PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2 is the perfect embroidery accessory and it's delivered with free shipping. Contact our expert customer service to find out if the PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2 is right for you. The PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2 easily attaches to your work surface, makes it simple to hoop square, and it works with any hoop. Order your PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2 with confidence from Ken's Sewing Center a trusted internet source since 1995.
Use PAL2 Perfect Alignment Laser 2 features:
  • Adjustable height.
  • Adjustable lamp head.
  • Lock-in permanent position.
  • Assist in letter positioning.
  • 28" arm with flexible elbow joint.
  • Connect continuous embroidery designs.
  • Adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼" thick.
  •  Weighted base post firmly slips into the adjustable clamp.
  • Reflective 6" wide and 3" tall shade protects laser beam.
  • Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair.
  • Locate the center of quilt blocks, pockets, plackets, bags and more.
  • Verify design placement on large items such as jacket backs, banners, pants and more.
  • Bright, crisp Non-Gaussian lines show uniform brightness across entire length of beam.
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