Floriani Digitizing Steps for Success Tutorial

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Discover how to digitize your own designs with Floriani Digitizing Steps for Success Tutorial.  In the Floriani Digitizing Steps for Success Tutorial you will learn what to do before embroidering your designs, the during and the after!!  Learn and understand like never before with Floriani Digitizing Steps for Success Tutorial. 

Digitizing Steps for Success

Embrace the art (and of course the joy) of embroidery further by purchasing Digitizing Steps for Success, by Mr. Anderson - author and master digitizer. This publication, written under the tutelage of Mr. Walter Floriani, is full of words of embroidery wisdom that will help you take on ANY embroidery project with confidence.

Details of this book are listed below:

Digitizing Steps for Success
By: Mr. DJ Anderson, Author and Master Digitizer

Successful steps for digitizing unlike any other book ever published!

Learn the steps to digitize properly regardless of the software you own!

A Note from the Author
"As we all know - knowledge is power regardless of whether you are learning to expand your business or perfect your hobby (both are equally important). My goal in this writing exercise was to help you see how beautiful embroidery could be with just a little bit of knowledge - regardless of your objective. Embroidery digitizing, as I have personally learned from the master, Mr. Walter Floriani, is an art that any one - at any age can master as long as they have the passion to do so."

DJ Anderson


  If you have ever had the following questions, this book will provide the answers you need.

  • How do I choose the proper stabilizer for the embroidery project?
  • Why do I get gaps between objects in my embroidery designs? How do I make sure that doesn't happen before sewing out the design?
  • Some of my designs are so stiff and hard. Why does this happen and what can I do to fix that?
  • When digitizing a design, how do I know when to use a run, satin, or fill stitch?
  • I find that I have to make changes to the designs I digitize a lot before they are ready to be placed on the final item. Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of editing I do?
  • How do I determine the density and underlay to use for the objects I digitize?
  • How do I determine if a software program has the tools and features I need before I decide to purchase it?

These questions above are only a few of the many answered in Digitizing Steps for Success.


Additional Video Included:
3 DVD's with over 4 hours of step-by-step tutorials with simple fundamentals that work with any software

1 CD with over 7 hours of software training on Floriani Total Control Professional

Here are a few of the many things you will learn with Digitizing Steps for Success

  • Understand the individual components of embroidery and how to make the correct decisions for each step of the way including the process of manually digitizing and selecting the proper stabilizer which varies depending on the fabric selected. Over 60 different fabrics are addressed in this publication.
  • Digitizing rules for embroidery stitch types such as run stitch, satin stitch and fill stitch. Understanding the basic principles of each stitch type will enable you to master the art of embroidery digitizing in no time. Even if you are not trying to learn to digitize yourself - the knowledge you will gain will help you make the right decisions to stabilize and embroider your designs perfectly --- every time!
  • Learn the basic tools and features needed in embroidery software to ensure you can create and edit embroidery designs easily.

Included Resources

  • Cheat Sheets: Quick reference guides for digitizing steps and compensation.
  • Embroidery Design Tutorial: Overview of each embroidery design provided with the book and instruction on how to use them.
  • Choosing the Perfect Stabilizer: Detailed overview of the proper stabilizer or topping to use over 60 different fabric types.
  • How to Embroidery on Any Fabric: Detailed overview describing the characteristics of knit, woven, non-fabric materials, and sheer fabrics and the recommended stabilizer, topping, and design properties to use with each fabric.
  • Design Properties Chart: Shows stitch density and underlay recommendations for over 60 fabric types
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