Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand

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The Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand is the ultimate in a sit down quilter.  When you purchase the Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand from Ken's Sewing Center you get the Juki TL-2200QVP-S, Stand and Table.  Ken's is an authorized dealer for the Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand.


Features of the Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand":

  • Internal Direct Drive System. 
  • Greater Visibility with 10" high and 18" throat space for any quilt size.
  • Dual Directional LED lighting
  • Easy to reach auxillary hand wheel for precise needle placement
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Vairable speed control with a maximum sewing speed of 2200 stitches per minute
  • Customizable speed control with the ability to save your preferred settings
  • Programmable needle up / down positions
  • Programmable upper and lower thread cutter with auto set thread lock
  • Electronic foot control with quick thread cutting
  • Built In bobbin winder with independent motor
  • Large M class bobbin
  • Built in thread stand
  • Quilting Foot compatable with 1/4 inch long arm rulers
  • Large quilting table with adjustable height and optional extensions
  • Table is 35.375" x 33.625"
  • Made in Japan by Juki.


  • Sewing speed: Max. 2,200SPM Stitches Per Min
  • Needle bar stroke: 35mm
  • Lift of presser foot: 5.5mm
  • Needle: GB, Organ or Schmetz 134R and equivalents. 
  • Lubricating oil: New Defrix Oil No.1, or any clear sewing machine oil. 
  • Dimensions of sewing machine: 22.2W x 46.0H x 73.0L (cm)
  • Weight of sewing machine: 26 kg. 57 Pounds
  • Rated power supply / Power consumption: 120V/140W 60Hz

Juki is the only sit down longarm quilter with automatic thread trimmers. Up to 50" Wide Table (with optional leafs) on adjustable height metal stand with wood top and leaf for left or right side, 30" overall depth. Stand is KD knocked down un-assembled, RTA ready to assemble. 

Built In Basting, Laser Point Guide, Automatic Underbed Thread Trimmers, Big M Bobbins, Direct Drive Motor, Foot Control for Speed and Thread Trimming , Metal Gears, Dry Head Limited Oiling, Auxiliary Hand Wheel. Does not include 10' Frame or Stitch Regulation below. Machine can be fully upgraded with stitch regulation on frame later.  

  • 18” deep X 10” high
  • Built in bobbin winder
  • Auxiliary hand wheel
  • Semi Dry head technology
  • Direct drive servo motor
  • Metal gear timed
  • Auto tie off feature
  • Basting stitch
  • 18.25" x 10.25" oversize arm space to right of needle is the largest workspace of any 18" longarm on the market. (55% more workspace than Tin Lizzie 18x6" Arm. 25% more than HandiQuilter Avanti). 
  • Side Mount Hand Wheel eliminates the need reach around to the back of machine for main hand wheel. 
  • Independent M bobbin winding system allows winding bobbins while sewing, or when not sewing. 
  • Cruise Control Speed Settings as a % of 2200SPM maximum. 
  • 6-16 Stitches Per Inch Settings for Stitch Length using Stitch Regulator
  • Baste to 3SPI Stitches Per Inch (1/2" 1" and 1.5"), 
  • Presser Foot Adjustable Height for Fabric and Batting Thicknesses, 0-4mm with Slotted Presser Foot Height Adjustment
  • 0.5mm Recommended Distance from Bottom of Foot to Needle Plate when Foot and Needle are in lowest position. Adjustable for quilt thickness to prevent fabric from flagging (riding up and down on needle.)
  • 1/4" Tall, 1/2" Diameter All Metal Presser Foot for Rulers and Visibility. 
  • Tack or Stay Stitch to make three stitches in place, and stop with needle up or down. 
  • Needle Up or Down Settings will always stop with needle in fabric, or needle out of fabric
  • Needle Eye Guard to be installed at time of machine set up. 
  • Presser Foot Lever to be installed at time of machine set up.
  • Two spool thread stand to be installed at time of machine set up. 
  • Automatic or Manual Activation of both Top and Bottom Thread Trimming at the same time, the only quilting machine on the market with these features. 
  • Super Bright LED No-heat lights above needle (4) and on both left and right handles (3 each). 
  • Machine Bed Size: 18.25x10.25" (187 square inches) between needle and neck of machine
  • Speed: 2200 SPM Stitches Per Minute Maximum Speed Settings. Highest in Manual Free Motion Mode 
  • Machine Head Weight 26Kg or 57 Pounds


Unique Design
The Quilt Virtuoso Pro has a slim sleek and sturdy design, unlike any Long Arm Quilting Machines to date!

Extra Large Throat Space
Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. Even more impressive is the 10 inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide 6 to 8 inches of height 

Bright LED Lights
10 Ultra Bright LED Light Bulbs over the needle and pattern area illuminate your workspace like never before, making it easy to see detailed work, while simultaneously reducing strain on your eyes.

Built-in Scissors
Convenient automatic scissors simultaneously trims the top and bottom thread. No other Long Arm Quilting Machine has this feature!

Needle Up/Down
Easily move the needle up or down with the included Needle Up/Down Button. If the machine is off you can use the easy to reach hand wheel on the front of the machine allowing you to raise and lower the needle without having to turn on the machine or reach all the way around to the wheel on the back of the machine.

Leader in sewing and quilting
Juki is the Leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines worldwide. Juki has taken this industrial knowledge and experience and put it into this long arm quilting machine for home use. The result is a unique heavy-duty high quality long arm quilting machine that all quilters are sure to love. 400W Motor is the strongest in the industry. 

2,200 SPM Stitches Per Minute Maximum Sewing Speed
Obtain faster results! The TL-2200QVP offers professional speed so you can complete projects in record time. You can quilt faster on a Juki QVP than any other quilting machine made for the home market. 

Stitch Control - Perfect Tension Balanced Stitches
The stitch balance control allows you to deliver more consistent stitching according to your needs for a perfect finish on your quilt. Pretension knob guarantees correct length of thread tail after thread trimmer is activated. 

Four Stitching Modes
Work on your project the way you see fit! With three different stitch modes (Cruise doesn't stop stitching, Precise stops stitching when you stop, Manual Free Motion up to 2200SPM, and Baste for .5 to 1.5" stitch length) you can set up your stitching preferences and obtain the results you are looking for without added effort.

Large 3.5" Color Touch Screen LCD Display
Maintain absolute control with a top of the line Color LCD touch panel display where you can manage the stitch regulator, light settings, needle speed, stitch length, sound, screen brightness and all you need to complete your masterpiece.

Automatic Thread Trimmer
The machine is equipped with an automatic thread trimmer device that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads to 1/4" at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button. It uses the same industrial thread trimming mechanism that was invented by Juki for their high speed straight stitch machines starting with the DDL555 to DDL8700 and has been in proven use for decades. 


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