Brother ScanNCut DM650W Digitial USB Scanner Cutter

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The Brother ScanNCut CM650W Digital USB Scanner Cutter is the latest innovative tool from Brother and we deliver it to you fast and free. When you order the ScanNCut CM650W Digital USB Scanner Cutter from Ken's you can be sure you'll recieve excellent customer service and a hassle free experience. Only the BrotherScanNCut CM650W Digital USB Scanner Cutter can take an image, photo or hand drawn sketch, scan it, and allow you to precisely cut the shapes or outlines you want. Don't forget to check out our other accessories for the Brother ScanNCut CM650W Digital USB Scanner Cutter.

Now you Can Interface the Brother ScanNCut CM650W and be able to cut this special alphabet font with the Scan N Cut.  Check out our sku #28671

Features of the Brother ScanNCut CM650W Digital USB Scanner Cutter:

  • No PC needed.
  • 30% Larger Display from previous models.
  • Wireless Network Ready
  • PES and PHC data readability- works with embroidery machines!
  • SVG Data Readability
  • 12" x 24" Scanning
  • Easy to use. 
  • 600 Built In Designs.
  • No software is needed. 
  • Quilt Patterns and Fonts.
  • Draw your seam allowance.
  • 300 DPI Built In Scanner. 
  • No design cartridges needed.
  • Cut precise fabric shapes with ease. 
  • Provides precise sewing guidelines.  
  • Add custom drawings to your crafting projects. 
  • Creates cut lines automatically and quickly.
  • Scan your design and use as a data to cut or draw. 
  • Draw with the assistance of the pen draw feature. 

Included Accessories with the Brother Scan N Cut CM100DM Digital USB Scanner Cutter

  • Standard Cut Blade

    The Standard Cut Blade can be used to cut a wide range of both fabric and paper! For use with ScanNCut Standard Cut Blade Holder.

    Standard Cut Blade Holder

    For use with ScanNCut Standard Cut Blade.

    Deep Cut Blade

    Let the Deep Cut Blade do the hard work for you! This specially designed blade was made to cut thick materials like felt, denim and even leather. For use with ScanNCut Deep Cut Blade Holder.

    Deep Cut Blade Holder

    For use with ScanNCut Deep Cut Blade.


    Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 12”

    Specially designed for delicate or thin paper like printer paper or vellum, cutting up to 12” x 12”.

    Standard Mat 12” x 12”

    Specially designed for a wide range of materials from fabrics to handmade papers, cutting up to 12” x 12”.


    For peeling off, or for firmly attaching materials on mat.


    For easy on-screen edits on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display.

    High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet (Qty 2)

    Designed for multiple uses (depending on fabric type). Use with Standard Mat for cutting. For cutting patterns without seam allowance, use Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet. Apply sheet with adhesive area on the mat.

    Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet (Qty 2)

    Iron-on permanent sheet for back of fabric. Use with Standard Mat for cutting. For Piecing projects like patchwork, use High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet. Not for use on textured fabrics that cannot be ironed.

    Accessory Pouch

    For easy storage of your accessories.



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