Consew 2009BQ Long Arm Quilting Machine with King Size Frame

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Consew 2009BQ Long Arm Quilting Machine

Features of the Consew 2009BQ Long Arm Quilting Machine:

  • 20 inch throat space for quilting larger patterns and blocks from needle to inside arm
  • 8.5 in high workspace
  • Built In stitch regulation- The Consew uses high resolution encoders to keep your stitch length consistent.  As you speed up or slow down, so will your stitch speed.
  • LCD Screen displays all of the setting and menus clearly
  • Easy Quick Access Buttons controls all sewing functions easily from the handle buttons
  • Stitch seed of up to 2,000 stitches per minute
  • Manual and Cruise stitch modes
  • Easy threading
  • Easy to Access bobbin in a larger size
  • Led Lighting-- Bright LED Lights. Both white and UV.  UV light mode allows you to see stitches where the thread is a ligher color and harder to see.  
  • Automatic Regulated Stitching Modes:
  • 5 Regulated Stitch Modes included:
     * Equate stitch (the needle stops when you stop moving)
    *  Cruise stitch (the needle continues to move slowly when you stop …for use           when  quilting points)
    *Ruler Stitch (all timeouts are ignored so you can take all the time needed to     adjust ruler)
    *Basting Stitch (4 stitches per inch regulated basting)
    *Robot Stitch (This machine is Robot Ready. This allows the user to connect to any    robot for sale on the
      market… qbot, butler, quilt artist, etc.)
  • 3 Manual stitch modes included:
    *Constant stitch (the needle moves at a constant speed adjustable by the user) 50 to 1800 stitches per  minute.
    *Tie-off stitch (this permits the user to tie off the stitching                              *Manual baste (this permits any size basting stitches.)
  • Needle Positioner allows for Full Needle Control - Up/ Down/ Half Stitch
    Full needle control includes:
    Needle up positioning
    Needle Down positioning
    Half stitch up positioning
    Half stitch down positioning
    (all of these are available on the main keypad, no need to search for the feature)
  •  Large Hook and Bobbin
    • Adjustable Foot is spring loaded (so you will never forget to put the foot down)
    • Advanced LED lighting:
    White LED lighting
    UV LED lighting (for white on white quilting, and illuminating fluorescent thread, etc.)
    Laser positioning with brightness control
    • Powerful Servo Motor
    • Made of durable Aluminum covered in a plastic skin for a good looking, smooth operating
    • Sealed Bearings

  • • The 2009BQ comes with our patented BOSS RIBBON ENCODERS. The
    Encoders read a thin ribbon that runs the length of the frame and carriage WITH NO MOVING PARTS!
    A digital camera reads the ribbon and reports to the machine the motor speed that is required.
    • Modular part replacement. (All electrical parts can be replaced (plug and play) by the user. No other machine can do this)
    • Limited 5 year warranty
    • The machine head and handlebar conveniently ship all in ONE box.

Consew Long Arm Quilting Machine Includes:

  • Electronic Display
  • Front Handles
  • Encoders
  • Power Cable
  • 10 Needles
  • M class bobbins

The Consew 2009BQ Long Arm Quilting Machine is compatible the Grace Continuum Frame. Call us today at 1.877.536.7739 with any questions.  We are happy to help you anytime.


The Continuum machine quilting frame is a modular frame with many accessories to configure it to meet your quilting needs. The Continuum has been designed to perfectly accommodate the Q'nique machines, as well as a number of other machines on the market today.

With steel and cast-alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no-baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful. The frame is available in standard  10 foot.  

The Continuum Frame can be configured in multiple set-ups and optional accessories, so it will be the perfect fit for you no matter what your quilting requires. Think you might upgrade your machine to a longarm in the future? The Continuum frame can work with your short or midarm machine now, and then be adjusted for a longarm when you need it. Add the optional accessories now or later to make your quilting process more convenient.


Product Features

  • SureTrack dual-wheel system
  • Channel locks for easy straight lines
  • Adjustable depth for machines with different throat lengths
  • Leveling feet
  • height-adjustable legs


King Size

Maximum Length 127.75

Maximum Quilting Area:  103 inches

Maximum Machine Throat Length:  21 Inches


 Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.  

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