Fairgate Fashion Design Kit English Measurements

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Fairgate Fashion Design Kit English Measurements

The Fairgate Fashion Designer kit meets the needs of everyone in the fashion design industry from beginning student to seasoned professional tailor Fairgate Fashion Designer's Kit. First choice for students, hobbyists, and professionals in the field of fashion design and pattern making. Kit contains three rugged, yet lightweight, aluminum tools, a clear plastic scale perfect for light table and CAD use and A Guide to Patternmaking book. (Made in the USA)

The Fairgate Fashion Design Kit English Measurements includes:

Fairgate Pattern Making Ruler Kit has the most basic and important metal rulers for fashion design, & pattern making. Included in this kit you get the instruction book on how to make patterns. This is a great gift to give a young fashion designer.

Fairgate Fashion Design Kit Includes

  • 24" Curve Stick - Used for lapel, elbow, skirt, slack, and trouser contours or for any special contour, calibrated in 8th on both sides and is also available in metric.
  • 12" Modified Vary Form Curve - Is used to make neck and armholes easier to draw.  This is Fairgate's new version of a longer French curve. 
  • 14" X 24" Designer's L-Square - Extremely valuable in enabling the patternmaker to transfer the measurements made with the tape onto the draft.  The Taylor Square has been specifically marked to perform a variety of jobs  The varied markings can be used as follows:  1" divisions, subdivided into 1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/16" and also 1/32nd of an inch.  It is further divided into 2/3rds, 1/3rd, 1/6th, 1/12th, and 1/2th of the measurement desired.  By placing the tool on the straight of the grain or on the straight line, the future pattern will be accurate.  Any lines drawn on the square of the angle will give a true cross line on the right or left angle.  
  • 18" Transparent English/Metric Graph Rule


Includes Fairgate Book "A Guide to Pattrenmaking"

Written by a leading expert in the field of fashion design, this ready reference contains detailed step-by-step instructions for measuring and laying out garment patterns. The text is fully illustrated with numbered diagrams showing how tools are used to create patterns. Includes descriptions of tools and other devices essential to the patternmaker.

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