Grace Company Qnique 15R with Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame Combo

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Get your frame and machine all in 1 package with the Grace Company Qnique 15R with Q-Zone Quilting Frame Combo.  The Grace Company Qnique 15R with Q-Zone Quilting Frame Combo features the New Grace Q-Zone quilt frame and the Grace Qnique 15R longram quilting machine.  Feel free to contact us with any questions on the Grace Company Qnique 15R with Q-Zone Quilting Frame Combo.

Features of the Grace 15R Longarm Machine


The Grace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine will take your quilting to a whole new level!  With a 15 inch throat space theGrace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or quilt blocks.  TheGrace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine includes stitch regulation, extended throat space, advanced control setting, easy grip handles, and increased stitch speed. The Grace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine is brought to your by the Grace Company, which had been manufacturing and distributing quilting frames and accessories for over 25 years.  Ken's Sewing Center is proud to be an authorized Grace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine Dealer!


Features of the Grace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine:

  • 15 inch throat space for quilting larger patterns and blocks
  • 9 inch height thread space
  • Built In stitch regulation- THe Qnique uses high resolution encoders to keep your stitch length consistent.  As you speed up or slow down, so will your stitch speed.
  • Color OLED Screen displays all of the setting and menus clearly
  • Easy Quick Access Buttons controls all sewing functions easily from the 6 handle buttons
  • Stitch seed of up to 1800 stitches per minute
  • 4 Different Stitch Modes
    • Precise Mode - Allows for Stitches per inch
    • Cruise Mode - Adds the ability to set a minimum speed with will maintain even if the operator releases the controls.
    • Baste Mode - Gives the option of short, medium and long basting stitches
    • Manual Mode - Allows control of the stitching speed.
  • Dual Thread Towers
  • Easy to Access bobbin in a larger size

 Grace Grace Q'nique 15R Long Arm Quilting Machine Includes:

  • Electronic Display
  • Front Handles
  • Encoders
  • Power Cable
  • 10 Needles
  • 3 M class bobbins
  • Oil
  • Alen wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Lint Brush

Features of the Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilt Frame


The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame for the new beginner or home quilter.  There is a huge part of the quilting market that would love to use their home/domestic machines but there is not an affordable quilting frame on the market.  Now there is!  Sewer/quilters have a level of comfort and familiarity using their home/domestic machine.  Because of this we want the home sewer/quilter to become an expert quilter using Grace products.


 The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame is a 4 ½ foot frame that will fit in any room and no quilt size is to large, you can quilt any size quilt using the Q-Zone Hoop Frame. The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame is perfect if you don’t have the room for a larger frame and want to use your domestic machine. Everything about the Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame screams comfort. The Q-Zone Hoop Frame includes height adjustable legs so you can quilt standing or sitting.


The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame has steel square poles and, combined with the white quilt clips, gives you precise ratcheting.  As you grow as a quilter you can grow with the frame because the arms can extend out in front to accommodate up to a 19” throat machine.  The ability to start with your home/domestic machine and finish with a long arm on the same frame is not common. Frame.


Dimensions of the Q-Zone Hoop Frame:

  • 54” length (left to right)
  • Expands 37” -  42.5” wide (front to back)
  • Adjusts 32.5” -  45.5” tall 



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