Grace Qnique 14+ Longarm Sit Down Quilting Machine

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The Grace Qnique 14+ Longarm Sit Down Quilting Machine provides Grace technoligy and quality all in one machine.  If you do not have room for a large quilting frame, then the Grace Qnique 14+ Longarm Sit Down Quilting Machine  is the package for you.  Feel free to call us today for more information on the Grace Qnique 14+ Longarm Sit Down Quilting Machine .


Machine and Table Bundle For the Home Quilter Get all the power of the Q’nique’s professional features while free-motion quilting from the comfort of your favorite chair. The space-saving sit-down table is perfect for smaller quiting rooms, and still gives you the advantage of a full 15” throat length. High-quality craftsmanship and welded steel legs provide for enhanced stability.

Multi-Function Foot Pedal Triple Functionality The sit-down version of the Q'nique Quilter includes a multi-function foot pedal. Besides controlling the stitching speed, you can press the “back kick” button to raise or lower the needle. You can even change the default needle stop position by holding the back kick down for three second.

Easy Bobbin Changes The needle plate in the sit-down table gives you direct access to your bobbin for easy changes and adjustments.

Leveling Feet System Both the sit-down table and the sit-down version of the quilting machine include easily adjustable leveling feet.


Illuminate your projects with LED Lights
• Large M-Class Bobbin
• Easy-Change Bobbin Case
• Automatic Bobbin Winder With stitch regulation, increased stitch speed, extended throat space, advanced control settings, and so much more; the Q'nique long arm quilting machine is truly the most economical long arm quilting machine on the market!

Quilting Controls: The Q'nique long arm quilting machine was designed to be as user friendly as possible. All of the main controls and settings can be adjusted and controlled from the handles and seen on the full-color display on the front of the machine.

Needle Position: There is no need to reach around the machine to adjust the hand-wheel, with a push of a button you can raise or lower the needle. By holding the button you can even set a "needle stop position" that will return the needle to that spot when you stop quilting.

Stitching Speed: The buttons on the handle bars allow you to adjust the speed of your stitching faster or slower. These same buttons control your stitch length when in stitch regulation mode. The regulation will adjust the speed for a consistent stitch after you set the stitches per inch.

LCD Display: Your most important settings and quilt functions can be found right on the front LCD display. This means quick access to needle position, stitching mode, & stitch speed.

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