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If you are a home embroidery looking to get into commercial embroidery machine or starting an embroidery business Ken's suggests you condiser the Meistergram PR1500 Commercial Embroidery Machine.  If you are adding to you current sewing, tailoring, dry cleaning, or embroidery business then the Meistergram PR1500 Commercial Embroidery Machine would be a great fit. The Meistergram PR1500 Commercial Embroidery Machine is a 15 needle embroidery machine with many great features. 

Major Featrures of the Meistergram PR1500 Commercial Embroidery Machine

  • 15 Needle Embroidery with Automatic Color Change
  • 3 Commercial Servo Motors- Runs quieter, more effecient, and last longer than other brands.
  • Industrial Hook can handle fast and big embroidery projects
  • Industrial head lasts for years to come
  • Maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute
  • Wifi Ready Built In- Connect to the internet to unlock more features to the machine 
  • Broken thread backup mending function - If you break a thread you can have the machine continue from before the break to mend the broken thread area.
  • Large embroidery area of 14" x 8" (360mm x 200mm)
  • Large Touch Screen, Color, LCD Display
  • Built in Lettering
  • Built in Sizing
  • Built in Noice Reduction Technology
  • Compatible with other brands of home and commercial DSB or DST machines.  This means you can easily get designs from the internet or from optional digitizing software.
  • Variety of customer hoops included
  • Realistic Preview
  • Adjustable Design Icon Size Setting
  • Automatic Thread Cutting
  • Built In Alphabet Designs
  • Built In Border Function
  • Built In Embroidery Lettering Alphabet Fonts
  • Cap Frame Capability with 2.3 inch tall by 5.1 inche wide 60mm x 130 mm
  • Automatic Color Change
  • Computer Connectivity
  • Monogramming Font Styles
  • Resume Funtion
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Thread Wiper
  • Trial Position/Layout Function - This trace feature allows you to see how much area the machine will be embroidering before you stitch the design out.
  • Wi-Fi Network Function allows you to connect to the internet
  • Built In Edit Mode Includes
  • Built In Sensors tells you which frame is on the machine.
  • Built In Memory
  • Built In Languages
  • Thread Sensors for bobbin and upper thread - Tells you when the bobbin is low and when you have a thread break the machine will stop.
  • USB Port

Built In embroidery edit mode includes

  • Copy Design
  • Make True Design Frame
  • Hi-Speed Design
  • Divide Pattern
  • Combine Design
  • Create Combine Pattern
  • Satin Stitch Adjust
  • Clear All Patterns
  • Gold Pattern Extended Function

Accessories Included with the Meistergram PR1500 Commercial Embroidery Machine


  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Deluxe Tool Kit
  • Power Cord

This machine is refurbished. Ken's has tested the machine and it works great.  We do not provide support after the sale on Meistergram.  This machine is As Is and there are no returns on this brand.  

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