Miele RX2 Scout Robotic Vacuun Cleaner

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The Miele RX2 Scout Robotic Vacuun Cleaner is the first robotic vaccum cleaner that Miele has manufactured.  The Miele RX2 Scout Robotic Vacuun Cleaner is so much more durable than the competitors that are on the market.  Spend just a little more and get the Miele quality in the Miele RX2 Scout Robotic Vacuun Cleaner. 

RX2 Scout is Miele’s first robotic vacuum cleaner. With Smart Navigation, the Scout achieves reliable cleaning results. The Scout’s lithium-ion battery can clean up to two hours, or 1,600 square feet without needing to be recharged. A gyro sensor measures the Scout’s rotation, enabling it to change direction as needed and a high-quality digital ceiling camera maps the layout of a room to ensure precise cleaning of the entire space. Miele’s RX2 Scout features a Triple Cleaning System comprised of a turbo brush, two long rotating side brushes that target hard-to-reach areas and an effective suction system. Sensors on the front of the machine prevent the Scout from colliding with furniture and sensors underneath the Scout prevent it from falling down stairs. Miele’s RX2 Scout also features four cleaning modes and a convenient remote control.

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