Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer (1211) (2 WEEK DELAY)

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The Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer is a specialty steamer used in homes worldwide. This Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer is outfitted with Jiffy Steamer’s new specialty brush steam head attachment that is a perfect cleaning tool for tough, ground in dirt and stains. Chemicals and sprays are not necessary with the Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer, the steam alone kills bacteria on contact. Scrubbing power on the Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer is supplied by the stiff bristled end to direct the tight pattern of steam to the desired surface.

Please Note: The B stands for Brush. This unit is not intended to be used for garment steaming and does not include a garment steam head. It includes the steam cleaning head.
Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer features:
  • Curved 6 1/2" brass pipe directs steam in a tight pattern.
  • All brass couplings.
  • High impact plastic outer housing for durability.
  • 1300 watt heating element die cast in solid brass.
  • 50/60 Hertz system.
  • Easy to handle water reservoir.
  • New no spill check valve cap.
  • Color coded high temperature wiring.
  • Fusible link with automatic shut off for safety.
  • 360 degree swivel casters for mobility.
  • Twenty four hour repair service available.
Jiffy J2000B Residential Steamer specifications:
  • Voltage: 120 Voltage (Used mostly in North America).
  • Cord Plug: NEMA 5-15.
  • Steam Head: Configuration #7 steam brush attachment.
  • Carton Dimensions: 17 in x 12 in x 15 in.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 10 in x 15 in x 64 in.
  • Carton Weight: Eighteen pounds.
  • Steam Time per Filling: One hour and thirty minutes.
  • Electrical Certifications: UL, CSA, TUV/GS, CE, NOM and ANCE listed.
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