Low Price Guarantee

Ken's Sewing Center is committed to satisfying its customers with a low price guarantee. Have you found a product at a competitor's store at a lower price? 
Guidelines for Price Matching:
If you have a qualifying lower price, save the website address or printed ad. Just call us at 1.877.536.7739 and we are happy to assist you.  Just direct us to the website with the low price or email us at online@kenssewingcenter.com so we can verify.
  • The item must be sold by an authorized internet retailer for the item's brand.
  • Auctions, Amazon, eBay listings are NOT eligible for price matching.
  • The item on our site must be identical in model/part number to the competitor's item.
  • The item must be available and purchasable (add to cart) on another website. Emails saying the competitor will sell or other terms are not eligible.
  • The delivered price of the competitor must be at or above the manufactures wholesale cost.
  • Excludes free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, coupon offers, out of stock, open box, clearance, used items.
  • Prior purchases not valid.
  • KensSewingCenter.com reserves the right to refuse any order or match any price if the preceding terms above are not met or cannot be verified.  Offer is subject to change.

If we cannot meet the price then it has to be a great deal as our buying power meets or exceeds any authorized dealer in the United States.

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