Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8

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The amazing Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8 has multiple exciting features like turning your favorite picture into a beautiful design. Our friendly customer service can answer any questions you have about the Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8. With the Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8's user friendly interface makes the menu easy to manage. Don't forget to add embroidery thread to your order for the Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8.
Bernina Embroidery Designer Plus Software 8 features:
  • Advanced Cutwork-For eyelet and embroider applique.
  • Color PhotoStitch-Turn a picture into an incredible design. Automatic digitizing your picture into an easy to stitch design.
  • 3D Globe Effect-create a spherical look. Turn your flat embroidery into a 3D design only by visual illusion. 
  • Couching-Create effects with yarns, wool, etc. Sculptured threads stand out for stunning effects. 
  • Integrated Design Library-Improved search engine and loads designs easily. Quicker access to all designs.
  • Multi-Hooping-For large embroidery designs-automatically places hoops to cover entire design, fitting as many objects as possible into hoop.Preview hooping sequence. 
  • Positioning- Hoop template and basting stitch markers. Move and rotate the design within the hoop and print preview options.
  • Color Management- Color chart positions are numbered and chosen colors are tagged. Easy to pick and color and fill serparate sections.Horizontal or vertical layout. 
  • Automated Quilt Block Layout- Automatic quilt background stitching is used to create echo designs like scroll, clipped, or stipple. Quilt block sizing and positioning aids. 
  • Simple Software Installation- USB stick for installation and product key. All software components included. 
Only DesignerPlus is available as Update, Upgrade, or Full Version. EditorPlus is discontinued. Compatible with Windows 7-10. 
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