Alphasew Adjustable Zipper Cording Foot

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Use the Alpasew Adjustable Zipper foot, with the foot set to hold the tape in place or to sew the zipper in place. Stitch with the Alphasew Adjustable Zipper foot as close to the bottom of the zipper as possible.

Great for trims and getting close to the edges and attaching cording or piping to a garment. The Alphasew Adjustable zipper foot allows you to do invisible machine appliqué, including the tricky Cathedral Windows pattern and quilt bindings. Compatible with all low shank household machines (except some models of Viking,Bernina, & Pfaff).

This zipper foot can be set to left of needle so that needle will enter garment close to edge of material, turned for placket with no danger of fracturing the links of zipper.
To adjust the foot to stitch on the reverse side -loosen screw at back of foot and slide foot over to the right for a stitching ability close to the links of zipper on the right side. The stitching will always travel in the same direction which is important when stitching high pile or slick materials.

***Compatible with any standard low shank machine(except Viking, Pfaff, Bernina)

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