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The Upgrade Premium Pack 1 is not only packed with enhanced features, it comes with accessories to help you save time, so you can create more. The added convenience of the My Stitch Monitor App for your iOS or Android™ device makes embroidery easier than ever before. Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1 SAVRXPUGK1 Upgrade kit enhances the features of the Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1. My Stitch Monitor™ keeps track of your embroidery progress by sending embroidery status to your smart device. View remaining time, color changes, as well as thread breaks. New, powerful features have been added to My Design Center including more fills, 1600% zoom, and a new “light fill” function for more authentic quilting in the hoop. Sewing and quilting features include a “hand type” sashiko stitch and a projected pointer during free-motion quilting. Now the XP1 is better than ever, with the new Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1 SAVRXPUGK1 Upgrade kit.

It lets you monitor the progress of your embroidery and get alerts when it's time to change threads, when the embroidery project is completed, or when your machine needs attention. For your larger projects, there are 75 included embroidery patterns, five of which are made specifically for the included large 10 5/8” x 10 5/8” hoop. Create beautiful sashing/border patterns sized perfectly for your next quilt, now up to 118" x 118".

Keep track of your embroidery progress with My Stitch™ Monitor. This App displays the stitch count, color order, as well as messages you when a color change is needed or when there is a thread break. Keep track of your embroidery progress with My Stitch™ Monitor. This App displays the stitch count, color order, as well as messages you when a color change is needed or when there is a thread break. There are 6 new decorative fills for the My Design Center™.  This brings the total to 36! Use the new “light fill” function for quilting in the hoop, giving a lighter flowing effect over the surface of your quilt. My Design Center™ has new power with magnification increased up to 1600%. Discover how precise you can create designs with this new expanded function. A new “hand type” quilting stitch that creates the effect of hand sewing only with forward motion stitches. This gives greater control for cornering and echoing of quilt designs and blocks.

Choose from 15 different motifs and patterns that are automatically split for your selected hoop with the Auto Split Quilting Sash feature. Enjoy creating all sorts of new designs and projects with six brand new fill patterns. Plus, choose between single stitch/lite or triple stitch/thick for all 36 decorative fill patterns!

We have also added the ability to automatically lower the presser foot in embroidery mode when the start/stop button is pressed, so your work can continue uninterrupted. Keep your colors fresh and in the combination you prefer with Enhanced Color Shuffling, which temporarily saves generated combinations to a favorites page.

View all your favorites at once to compare and select the one that’s right for you. Editing is now made easier than ever with the multi-select function; it allows you to select and edit multiple letters at the same time. If you need more assistance, scroll through the how-to videos to help take the guesswork out of all these amazing features.

My Stitch Monitor App Connectivity - Connection between your mobil device and machine is through your wireless network only.

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