Brother SA220 Spanish Hemstitch Attachment

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Join edges of fabric together to create a unique decorative look!
-Cord up to 3mm of thickness can be used
-Square type: compatible with XP
-Round type: compatible with the VM, BQ, NQ, NS and SE750
**Both types are included in the kit


Comaptible with the following Brother models and more. :

Model: XP3, XP2, XP1, XV8550D, XV8500D, XV, XJ1, VM6200D, VM5200, VM5100, V7, V5, V5LE, BQ3100, BQ3050, BQ2500, BQ2450, VQ3000, VQ2400, VQ4, VQ2, NQ3700D, NQ3600D, NQ3500D, BP3500D, NV2700, NV2650D, NV2600, BQ1350, BQ950, NQ1300, NQ900, NQ700PRW, NQ700, PS700, NQ575PRW, NQ575, PS500, NV1800Q, NV1300, NV1100, NV1040SE, NS2850D, NS2750D, SE2000, SE1950, SE1900, F480, NQ470L, SB3150, F460, F420, F410, F400, NS1850D, NS1850L, NV970L, M380D, M370, LB7950, LB5500, SE750, SE725, SE700, NS1750D, NV960DL, M280D, M270, NV180D, NV180K, NV180, LB7000, LB6950, LB6000, LB5000, SE630, SE625, SE600, A150, C150VL, NS80PRW, NS80e, NS80TL, A80, A60SE, A50, C50PK, E50GN, NV50S, TY600C, A16


Feel free to email or call us if you do not see your model listed.  We will be happy to check for you. This item is compatible with most top drop in models.

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