CONSEW 104-1T Manual Embroidery and Quilting Chainstitch Sewing Machine With Table

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Manual Embroidery and Quilting Chainstitch Sewing Machine Comes With Table, Legs, and LED Lamp

The Consew Model 104-1T is especially suitable for Embroidery on Quilts, Coverlets, Gowns, and other quilting materials.

It is equipped with universal feed movent, an adjustable needle plate, and an easy hand-operated directional control.


  • Suitable on such products as wearing apparel, linens, towels, bedspreads, shirts, shop coats, curtains, banners, emblems, blankets, table cloths, coats, and caps
  • Ideal for use by laundries, camping outfitters, upholsterers, drapery shops, uniform clothing suppliers, linen suppliers, and sporting goods stores
  • Chain stitching and drop or moss stitching


  • Universal feed movement allows free-hand stitching in any shape, form, style or direction
  • Adjustable needle plate accommodates a variety of needle sizes and threads
  • Easy-to-change hook needle
  • Uses all types of thread: cotton, silk, wool, metal, and synthetic
  • Equipped with device for changing from chain stitch to drop stitch without removing work or rethreading machine
  • Model 104-100 available for sewing sequins
  • Includes Commercial Table and Motor


  • Number of Needles:  1 (Single)
  • Speed, Max (S.P.M.):  800
  • Stitch Type:  Single Needle, Single Thread - Chainstitch - Type 101
  • Workspace:  Standard Workspace
  • Needle Used:  137x1 TR (Chainstitch) 137x1 SM (Moss Stitch, Drop Stitch)
  • Max Stitch Length:  11/64" (4.5mm)
  • Feeding Mechanism:  Universal
  • Needle Bar Stroke:  9/16" (14mm)
  • Presser Foot Lift:  3/16" (5mm)
  • Feed:  Universal Feed Movement
  • WorkSpace:  10-1/4" (260mm)
  • Bed Size:  7-3/4" x 16-3/8" (197mm x 416mm)

See the demo video of a vintage machine just like the Consew.  This is a short video demonstrating how a Chainstitch machine is operated. The machine in this video is an antique 1942 Consew Chainstitch machine. It is 100% hand-operated, unlike today's modern embroidery machines. It was a very popular form of embroidery through the 1950's - 1970's. Commonly found on bowling T-Shirts, Car Club Jackets, and Biker Patches. It is considered an art form due to the free motion of the machine. There are very few people who know how to use this machine today as it takes a long time to learn to operate with precision and accuracy.

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