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Have a smaller budget but still want the advantages of a hooping station?
The small Echidna Hooping Station is ideal for any and all of those! The smaller hooping station is ideal for tote bags, baby onesies, Embroida-Buddies, and even left chest placements on adult garments!

  • Dual sided
  • Non-slip surface
  • Works with any hoop
  • Easy-to-use magnets instead of screws
  • Place the hoop anywhere on the board!

    How many times have you tried to hoop a small item, particularly a small piece of the clothing – often extra fabric from the article gets caught in with the hooping and the whole process ends in frustration. That's why every embroiderer needs to add one of these fantastic small hooping stations to their set of tools!

    Just like its big brother (the 14x8" Echidna Hooping Station), both the front and back surfaces of this smaller version are non-slip. Twelve repositionable magnets are included to hold your hoop firmly in place to allow for easy hooping and perfect embroidery placement.

    The double-sided ergonomic frame is set at an angle to eliminate stress on your wrists and is ideal for hooping small articles such as baby clothes, Embroider Buddy's and other small embroidery blanks that are often a challenge to hoop.


    Large side: Length – 43.5 cm (17") | Width – 20 cm (8")

    Small side: Length – 43.5 cm (17") | Width – 10 cm (4")

    This great, innovative embroidery tool has been developed in Australia by Echidna.
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The Echidna Hooping Station is a versatile, easy-to-use accessory for accurate and efficient hooping. A convenient stand for holding embroidery hoops in place while positioning garments, bags, and other tricky items.

  • Works with any hoop, including both home and commercial hoops
  • Reversible, with a different size platen on each side
  • Small one is designs for Infant and Sleeve/Leg sizes
  • Non-slip, easy to clean surface on both sides
  • Includes 12 strong magnets to anchor the hoop
  • Perfect for repeated, identical hoopings when embroidering multiple garments
  • Hoop can be placed anywhere, quickly and easily
  • Improves hooping accuracy & efficiency
  • Easy assembly, only requires a Phillips screwdriver (video available!)

    Hoops Not Included
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