Floriani Thread Carrier Box

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The Floriani Thread Carrier Box is a sturdy plastic storage case accommodates up to 30 cones of thread and has two locking drawers to ensure that they don’t slide open in transit and spill their contents. Each drawer of the Floriani Thread Carrier Box comes with a removable spool spindle tray to make it easy to slide a cone over the spindle and hold it securely in place.

Once you’re ready to sew, the thread spindle tray can be removed from the drawer to make it easy to get to whichever color of thread you need. A carrying handle also makes it easy to transport.

Because the carrier is stackable, it’s ideal for at home storage to keep cones away from dust, dirt, or other contaminants.   The spindles are 1-5/8" tall.


Note:  thread is not included.  Picture of for display purposes.  You are purchasing the empty thread carrier.

The Floriani Thread Carrier Box works great with most 1000m spools. 

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