Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame

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Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame Combo

With the Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame Combo you will be able to quilt to your heats content.  The Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame Combo includes the Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine and the Grace Q-Zone Hoop frame.  Feel free to call us with any questions about the Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine with Q-Zone Hoop Frame Combo.

The Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine is the newest loingarm in the Grace Company line. The Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine is smooth operating and easy to use.  Call Ken's today with any questions you might have about the Grace Qnique 19x Elite Longarm Quilting Machine

The Q'nique 19x Elite is the perfect complement to any home quilting system. The 19x Elite features more capabilities and less difficulties than other non-Q'nique longarms in the market. You’ll find that its familiar design and advanced functionality will make the Q’nique 19x Elite the star of any quilting space.

An Amazingly Elite Quilting Experience

The Q’nique 19 X Elite builds a bridge for quilting enthusiasts who want to take the leap from a
shortarm or midarm machine, but are intimidated by the assumed issues of weight, size,
and complexity of longarm machines. This longarm begs a small step out of the customer’s
comfort zone in exchange for a giant leap in quality, features, and capability.
• Extendable ergonomic handles with four simple
quick-access buttons (two on each handle)
• 7” touch screen display with intuitive screens and
• Built-in bobbin winder with fill-level sensors
• Adjustable hopping foot orientation
• Dual thread mast for quilting and winding bobbins
at the same time
• Dual wheels for added stability
• Edge warning and overspeed warning systems
with warning lights and sounds
• Range of 90 to 2600 SPM
• Built-in stitch regulation and stitch counters
• Four different stitching modes: cruise, precise,
baste, and manual
• Digital measuring tool
• On-screen incremental needle control
• Needle light with dimmer to control light intensity
• QuiltMotion compatibility
• Needle magnet to guide needle orientation
• Included sample thread kit
• Bobbin estimator (tells if bobbin levels are low)
• On-screen help guides and instructions
• Works with ALL Grace Frames including Cutie, QZone Hoop, Q Zone Queen, and Continuum


With the touch of a finger, you can navigate the user-friendly menus and adjust settings on a bright, full-colored OLED screen.

Enhanced Stitch Quality


  • The Q'nique 19 X Elite's powerful motor provides you with faster, more detailed stitching of your quilts.
  • The 19 X Elite features an enhanced motor capable of stitching at 2,600 stitches-per-minute.

Built-in stitch regulation keeps your beautiful stitches consistently the same length. As you speed up or slow down in your movements, the machine will speed up and slow down its stitching speed, so you won't have to worry about some stitches being longer or shorter than others.


Other Features


Bobbin changing does not get any easier than this. The bobbin of the Q'nique quilting machine has been designed for easy and quick access. Changing or checking on your bobbin is now more user–friendly than ever.


Quick and easy bobbin refills. The included bobbin winder on the Q'nique Quilter runs its own separate, built–in motor, so you can refill bobbins without having to run the sewing machine.


All the sewing power, right at your fingertips. We designed the control of the quilting machine to be as quilter–friendly as possible. All major functions and settings can be controlled right from the handles and seen on the display.


The Q'nique Quilter comes standard with a large class M Bobbin. This lets you quilter for longer periods of time before needing to change or refill your bobbin. So you can keep on quilting, and quilting, and quilting...

The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame for the new beginner or home quilter.  There is a huge part of the quilting market that would love to use their home/domestic machines but there is not an affordable quilting frame on the market.  Now there is!  Sewer/quilters have a level of comfort and familiarity using their home/domestic machine.  Because of this we want the home sewer/quilter to become an expert quilter using Grace products.


The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame is a 4 ½ foot frame that will fit in any room and no quilt size is to large, you can quilt any size quilt using the Q-Zone Hoop Frame. The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame is perfect if you don’t have the room for a larger frame and want to use your domestic machine. Everything about the Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame screams comfort. The Q-Zone Hoop Frame includes height adjustable legs so you can quilt standing or sitting.


The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame has steel square poles and, combined with the white quilt clips, gives you precise ratcheting.  As you grow as a quilter you can grow with the frame because the arms can extend out in front to accommodate up to a 19” throat machine.  The ability to start with your home/domestic machine and finish with a long arm on the same frame is not common. Frame.

Dimensions of the Q-Zone Hoop Frame:

  • 54” length (left to right)
  • Expands 37” -  42.5” wide (front to back)
  • Adjusts 32.5”  45.5” tall 
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