Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator

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Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator

the Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator will regulate your stitches for you making them the same length no matter how fast or slow you quilt on your frame.  Your quilts will look professional with the Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator. 

Elevate your home machine with SureStitch Elite. The Elite is a step above the original SureStitch, with a new sleek design, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and additional brand-new features. Getting perfectly consistent stitches is now easier than ever with the Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator.

The Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator features a new, more intuitive touchscreen interface that gives you a wide range of customizations and options. Also introducing a one-touch manual setting to allow for optimal creativity and control.

New Features of the Grace SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator Include:

  • Customizable Stitch Length Presets
  • Digitial Display
  • Easily switch from stitch regulated mode to manual mode
  • Easy To Instal 
  • Over Speed Buzzer ON/OFF
  • Minimum Speed Adjustment
  • Ruler Function
  • Calculator
  • Customizable Color Themes
  • Provides superior stitch accuracy

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