Hoop Tech GEN 2 Dream Frame Cap Frame

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The Hoop Tech GEN 2 Dream Frame Cap Frame is designed to work with several brands of commercial embroidery machines.  The Hoop Tech GEN 2 Dream Frame Cap Frame is one of the easiest cap frames to operate on the market.  Make more money and do more with your machine by adding a Hoop Tech Dream Frame Cap Frame.  The Hoop Tech Dream Frame Cap Frame attaches to your existing hat hoop driver.  The innovative spring steel bill retainer holds the lower front of the cap and helps to eliminate flagging.

 The Hoop Tech GEN 2 Dream Frame Cap Frame for includes:

  • Lighter frame design
  • Backing Clips to hold your stabilizer in place during framing.
  • Internal retaining fingers for proper bill alignment
  • A spring steel bill retainer that sets and holds the bill angle
  • View ports to use as alignment guides during framing.
  • Extensed saddle for easier installation on driver.
  • Large Sewing Field

 Hoop Tech Dream Frame Cap Frame for Brother PR Series is compatible with models:

  • Baby Lock 6 Needle - 599733
  • Baby Lock 10 Needle - 599734
  • Tajima - 599733
  • Melco - 599733
  • Toyota - 599733
  • Barudan Advantage - 599769
  • ZSK - 599733
  • Meistergram - 599733
  • Happy - 599757
  • Highland - 599733
  • SWF - 599762
  • Prodigi - 599733
  • Generations - 599733
  • Redline - 599733



The new “GEN 2” will turn your (6) & (10) needle machine into a REAL cap sewing machine. The new bill holding strap holds down the bill so you can get closer to the needles than ever before, for a much larger sewing field.

For PR & Baby Lock owners, the “GEN 2” comes with a specially designed override bracket that attaches to your cap frame drive bar with one of the 2 thumb screws, and allows you to sew a larger sewing field and also increases the stitching speed. (Just click here to see how easy it is to set up your machine for the dream frame)

The maximum height you can stitch is approximately up to 4" and 5.5"- 6" left to right and as close to 1/2"-5/8" from the bill. However, we do not recommend trying to embroider to the maximum sewing areas depending on the capabilities of your machine. Sewing too close to the top of the cap or too close to the bill could compromise the quality of your stitch. A more realistic measurement would be somewhere between 2" to 2.5" high and 5" to 5.5" across without losing registration.

Note: You need to already own the Brother hat jig and driver for this item to work. 

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