HoopMaster Station and FreeStyle Base Kit

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This item is for customers that do not already own a HoopMaster Station and are ordering a 4.25", 5.5", or 7.25" hoop and fixture. You will need this Station to hold the hoop and fixture while hooping. Customers that have a HoopMaster for normal hoops will not need this Station, it is the same as the one you already have. This kit will also work if you are ordering the larger size hoops like 10x10, 8x13", 11x13, 12x15", or 13x16". The FreeStyle arm base is used with the 4.25, 5.5" and 7.25" fixtures and Mighty Hoops for hooping smaller items like bags, and sleeves.

This item includes:
One HoopMaster Station, FreeStyle Base, T-Square



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