Jiffy J-2000SBR SteamBreaker Steamer ( 2 WEEK DELAY)

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Jiffy J-2000SBR SteamBreaker Steamer is the choice for breaking in your favorite leather boots and shoes.  The J-2000SBR SteamBreaker Steamer is 120volts and 1,300 watts of power.  Filling the steamer is easy with the detachable tank on the J-2000SBR SteamBreaker Steamer. 

Breaking in leather boots can be a pain – literally. Stiff, uncomfortable leather can chafe and blister your feet and take all the fun out of getting a new pair of kicks. Using Jiffy Steamer’s "Steam Fit" technology, the SteamBreaker quickly relaxes leather footwear to conform to the shape of your foot. Your customers will experience the comfort of a custom fit in a matter of hours, not weeks. 
Outfitted with a three-quarter gallon water caddy, a quick 1.5 minute heat-up time and 20" curved pipe aluminum pipe, this model is perfect for the smaller shop. The warm, moist steam relaxes the leather allowing it to mold to the shape of the foot. The standard Model J-2000SBR SteamBreaker is equipped with 1,300 watts of steaming power. MADE IN THE USA.
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