Madeira 42 Spool Rayon Embroidery Thread Box

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Madeira 42 Spool Rayon Embroidery Thread Box with Bonus

    • Madeira 42 Spool Rayon Embroidery Thread Box with Bonus: includes 40 colors of Madeira Rayon Thread at 1,100 yards per spool

    The Madeira 42 Spool Rayon Embroidery Thread Box with Bonus double-sided thread case, that also doubles as a thread stand, is stocked with dozens of spools of your favorite Madeira Rayon Embroidery Thread

    • Filled with essential thread colors, the case keeps all your thread organized in one convenient place, with dividers creating a spot for each spool
    • Each spool is neatly organized by color family and stored in its individual thread pocket—each pocket is identified with the thread color, number and name so spools can be easily removed, replaced and refilled
    • Includes two 1,650 yard spools of Bobbinfil thread, 5 embroidery needles, and a thread color card/conversion chart

    Madeira Rayon Embroidery Thread:

    • Give your embroidery projects a professional result with these quality Madeira Rayon Embroidery Threads which create a lustrous sheen yet are strong, durable and colorfast withstanding wash after wash
    • Madeira uses a special dyeing process to guarantee exceptional brilliance and colorfastness
    • Perfect for embroidering, quilting, decorative stitching, it can be used on all fabrics from the finest silk to the toughest leather or denim
    • Plus, the high tensile strength assures this is a strong thread from the first inch to the last yard, making it ideal for today's sophisticated computerized sewing and embroidery machines
    • 40 wt.
    • 2 ply
    • 100% viscose rayon
    • Thread locking spools with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy

    Double-sided thread case/thread stand with base:

    • Keep your threads neatly stored yet easy to see and get at
    • Made of sturdy clear plastic
    • Each side snaps shut for secure storage
    • It's easy to reorder thread—each thread pocket is labeled with its corresponding spool's color name and number
    • Carry by holding the top handle, or use the included optional shoulder strap for traveling convenience
    • To use as a thread rack, stand the box on end and secure it on the included base
    • To load and pre-thread up to 12 colors at one time is a snap—pull all colors needed for your embroidery design; place spools in thread chambers at the top of the case in color order, working left to right on each side; pull each thread up from its chamber and through to its corresponding thread guide; close the doors and stand up the box on its base to the right of your machine; and then feed the thread as needed through the guides, and directly into your machine
    • Built-in thread cutters are safely recessed on the handle
    • Case measures approximately 3-1/4" x 8-3/4" x 14-1/4"

    Bobbinfil Thread:

    • This very fine, soft spun, extremely strong bobbin thread is specifically weighted for use with computerized embroidery designs
    • Using Bobbinful when embroidering will reduce bulk, keep your stitches flat, reduce lint build-up, and keep your design pliable
    • Specifically developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines
    • Because it virtually eliminates your tension problems, Bobbinfil can actually help your machine embroider and sew more smoothly
    • It's extremely strong, yet so fine you can get twice as much on your bobbin—that means you'll change your bobbin half as often
    • 70 wt.
    • 2 ply
    • 100% polyester
    • White
    • Includes two 1,650 yard spools

    Madeira Embroidery Needles:

    • Features a larger eye to allow thread to flow smoothly at higher embroidery speeds
    • Use to machine embroider on knit and woven fabrics
    • For use with rayon and polyester embroidery thread
    • Size 75/11
    • Includes 5 embroidery needles

    Madeira Thread Color Card/Conversion Chart:

    • This handy printed color card provides you with all the colors of Madeira Rayon Thread, plus a conversion chart to convert other select thread manufacturer's thread color number to Madeira

    Super Spool Box includes 40 colors of 40 wt. Madeira Rayon Thread at 1,100 yards per spool of the following color numbers:

    • 1000 Black
    • 1001 Bright White
    • 1023 Lemon Yellow
    • 1024 Golden Rod
    • 1025 Gold Mine
    • 1028 Baby Blue
    • 1031 Medium Orchid
    • 1033 Purple
    • 1037 Light Red
    • 1040 Steel Gray
    • 1053 Pastel Mauve
    • 1055 Tawny Tan
    • 1067 Cream
    • 1070 Gold
    • 1071 Pale Sea Foam
    • 1075 Periwinkle
    • 1078 Tangerine
    • 1082 Ecru
    • 1087 Light Weathered Blue
    • 1100 Light Grass
    • 1116 Pink
    • 1119 Medium Burgundy
    • 1120 Light Pink
    • 1126 Tan
    • 1132 Medium Pastel Blue
    • 1133 Blue
    • 1134 Dark Sapphire
    • 1137 Orange Yellow
    • 1145 Mahogany
    • 1147 Christmas Red
    • 1166 Bright Navy Blue
    • 1169 Avocado
    • 1170 Medium Dark Avocado
    • 1181 Bayberry
    • 1242 Medium Dark Navy
    • 1247 Peacock Green
    • 1248 Lime Green
    • 1250 Emerald Green
    • 1311 Dusty Lavender
    • 1370 Classic Green
    • Plus 2 spools of 1,650 yards per spool of Bobbinfil thread
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