Maxi-Lock Serger Thread Navy 32456

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Maxi-Lock Serger Thread In 3,000 Yard Cones is used by major serger manufacturers to test their machines and to demonstrate them in retail settings before each sale.  That's how highly they regard Maxi-Lock. Where our thread truly distinguishes itself, though, is in the home. Its soft finish disguises a strength that holds up under the most vigorous seamwork. Its consistency, beginning to end, makes it easy to set and maintain tensions, which is a major product advantage.  Maxi-Lock Serger Thread in 3,000 Yard Cones is available in 72 colors. Maxi-Lock® meets the demands of serger sewing like no other thread, withstanding the high speeds and tensions that are unique to serging. That's why Maxi-Lock is the best-selling serger thread!


Maxi-Lock Serger Thread in 3,000 yard cones is high-quality, 100% polyester thread on a cone.  Ideal for sergers, and can also be used with sewing machines when using a separate thread stand.

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