Slimeline 3 LED Floor Lamp

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Taking the original Slimline to another level, the third generation of Daylight Slimline, comes with superb additional features. The new aluminium shade emits a brighter light with better diffusion. A four step dimmer allows brightness control. The floor base has slimmed down while the round switch adds neatness to the finishing touch.

Light Output

  • Light source: LED 
  • Lumens: 1,065 lm 
  • Lux at 30cm (12”) steps 1-2-3-4: 3,000-2,000-1,500-750 
  • Color temperature: 6,000°K 
  • Energy consumption: 13W

Product Information

  • Height: 130cm (51”)
  • Width: 74cm (29”)
  • Depth: 25cm (10”)
  • Weight: 3.3kg (7.4lb)
  • Color: Brushed steel 
  • Cable length: 2.4m (94.5”)
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