Schmetz Topstitch Sewing Machine Needles

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Topstitch Needles
System 130 N

Schmetz Topstitch Needles are ideal for topstitch, heavy, multiple or poor quality threads. These Schmetz Topstitch Needles achieve perfectly straight stitch lines and even stitches when using a straight stitch plate. Schmetz Topstitch Needles have are extra sharp, have an extra large eye, and a large groove to help accommodate topstitch thread. The Schmetz Topstitch Needles come five in a pack.

The very long eye (2mm in all sizes) makes this needle perfect for all types of decorative sewing and embroidery when using heavy or multiple threads. This needle helps stitch perfectly straight lines and even stitches. It is helpful to use a straight stitch plate if you are expecting perfectly straight top stitching results.

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