Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Overlock Serger

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The low-cost 4-thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine – for professional hems

The Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Overlock Serger is a coverstitch machine featuring a total of 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chain stitch. With the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Overlock Serger, you can provide your hems, edges and cuffs with professional stitches, giving your sewing project the perfect look. Excellent results can be achieved with the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Overlock Serger, even with very stretchy fabrics and thin knitted fabrics. Threading the needles and loopers is also really easy, thanks to the separate needle threader and the looper threading mechanism. And to give you a good view of your sewing project, the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Overlock Serger also has a bright LED light.

This machine will allow you to hem T-Shirts, attach lace, attach taping and binding, sew decorative stitching, attach elastic, attach lace, do belt loop stitching, circular hemming, attach elastic lace & hem stitching

The cover stitch is especially suited to stretchy fabrics like knits, as well as the popular new blends of traditional woven fabrics with a small percentage of stretch fiber added for extra flexibility. The Coverstitch series machines are ideal for constructing projects from fashion tops to competition ice skating costumes.

The cover stitch is a serger-type stitch made without the knives (no fabric is cut), so it can be used not only to finish hems, necklines, collars and cuffs, but also for decorative effects in the middle of the fabric. Cover stitches can be made with two or three needles. For example, a double needle cover stitch will show two lines of straight stitching on the top of the fabric with the two lines joined by a looping stitch on the bottom side. Because both sides of a cover stitch are finished, it looks great with decorative thread.


  • 4-thread / 3-needle coverstitch machine
  • Accessories in the looper cover
  • Bright LED light
  • Differential feed outside, can be adjusted while sewing
  • Easy threading due to the colour-coded threading paths
  • Large working area to the right of the needle 87mm
  • Manual needle threader
  • Telescopic Thread Stand
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure for lightweight fabrics
Types of Stitches You Can Sew with the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Serger
  • 2-Thread Chainstitch
  • 4-Thread Chainstitch
  • 3-Thread Coverstitch wide
  • 3-Thread Coverstitch Narrow
Accessories Included with the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Serger
  • Screwdriver
  • Oiler
  • Spool Nets x 4
  • Spool Cap x 4
  • Brush
  • Needle Set of ELX705 needles
  • Needle threader
  • Allen screwdriver
  • Tweezer
  • Spool Stabilizer x 4
  • Dust Cover
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Foot Control
Specification Technical Summary of the Bernette B42 Coverstitch Only Serger
  • Stitch formations
    • 4 stitches
    • 1-3 needles
    • 1 looper
  • Needle System
    • ELx705 - common needle system 
  • Coverstitch needle gauge
    • 2.8mm for narrow stitch
    • 5.6mm for wide stitch
    • 5.6mm wide stitch
    • Two needles
    • Triple needles
  • Differential feed
    • stretching 0.6-1
    • gathering 1-2
  • Presser Foot Lift
    • 4.5 mm
  • Sewing Speed
    • 1300 stitches/minute
  • Dimensions
    • 13.23" long x 10.35" width x 11.57" high
  • Weight
    • 15 pounds
  • Warranty is 5 Year Mechanical, 2 Year Electrical Warranty and 1-year labor.  Ken's Sewing Center provides toll free customer support for the life you own your machine purchased from us. 
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