Bo-Nash Ironslide Iron Shoe

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The Bo-Nash Ironslide Iron Shoe make the sole-plate of your iron new again!  The Bo-Nash Ironslide Iron Shoe makes life easier.  The Bo-Nash Ironslide Iron Shoe fits easily over the base of your iron.


Features of the Bo-Nash Ironslide Iron Shoe

  • The protective shoe fits the base of any household iron
  • The Iron Shoe is vented to it can be used with a dry or steam iron
  • Makes the sole-plate of the iron feel new again
  • Made of fiberglass with a non-stick surface so starch and fusibles wipe right off
  • Iron from cotton to silk or denim to lace with out waiting for the iron to cool
  • Iron over sequins, paints, glitter and motifs without damage
  • Helps give your sewing that professional look
  • Eliminates shine. No need for a pressing cloth
  • This soft-sole drawstring shoe fits all household irons.
  • Keep it next to your sewing machine to give your sewing that professional look.
  • Can be used on both sides


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