Floriani Heat Craft Tool

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This amazing Floriani Heat Craft Tool is in stock now and delivered to you fast. Enjoy hassle free shopping and quick order processing when you buy the Floriani Heat Craft Tool from Ken's. Floriani Heat Craft Tool is a versatile heat cutting tool used to cut plastic stencils, nylon textiles, dacrons, and polyesters. Sign up for our special offers and newsletter when you place your order for the JFloriani Heat Craft Tool.

Floriani Heat Craft Tool features:
  • Create intricate designs.
  • Transfer laser images to wood. 
  • Spot bond fusible backings and webbings.

Use Floriani Heat Craft Tool to:

  • Cut Plastic Stencils, Nylon Textiles, Dacrons, Polyesters, etc. (not for use on cotton, linen, silk)
  • Trim Embroidery Designs, Appliques, Patches, Flags, Outdoor Textiles and more With Detail!
  • Spot Bond Using Fusible Backings & Webbings
  • Transfer Laser Images to Wood
  • Create Intricate Designs with Hot Branding on Polyester Felt, Wood & Leather Craft Projects Using the Various Unique Tips

This tool gets extremely hot - change tips when tool is cold ONLY!

  • Do not touch any metal part when using this tool.
  • Rest the Floriani Heat Craft Tool on the included tool rest only when not in use.
  • This tool is NOT a toy. Not for the use of children under the age of 14. Children should be old enough to understand the extreme temperature and should be cautiously supervised when using.
  • Unplug the tool if you are leaving it for a period of time.
  • Burn in a well ventilated area! Some materials will produce fumes, air circulation is a must.
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