Brother PR-1050x Embroidery Machine Seminar Model

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This machine is a rare machine that was not sold at our last embroidery seminar.  It has extremely low stitch count and great price.   For more information please call us at 877.536.7739

Buy the Brother PR-1050x Embroidery Machine from our retail store and receive FREE how to training. The Brother PR-1050x Embroidery Machine is a 10 needle Embroidery Machine. Call our FREE customer service support with any Brother PR-1050x Embroidery Machine questions. We offer a 30 Day Guarantee and low prices on all your sewing needs. The Brother PR-1050x Embroidery Machine can only be purchased in our retail store. 

Take a closer look at the revolutionary Entrepreneur® Pro PR1050X, a highly powerful and efficient 10-needle embroidery machine, but with the ease-of-use and reliability that only Brother can provide. The PR1050X raises the bar within the industry for embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs.

The PR1050X comes equipped with some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of creative freedom, look again... eXplore the possibilities!


  • 10-needle embroidery machine with automatic needle threading

  • InnovEye® 2 Technology with high-speed background scanning – 5x faster than prior models

  • InnovEye® 2 Technology now for use with optional Cap and Cylinder Frames

  • Virtual Design Preview™ feature to superimpose your design on your project without scanning

  • Industry-first My Design Center offers new design capabilities all without a PC

  • Industry-first ScanImation™ Scanning frame to scan line art or handwriting and convert into embroidery data.

  • Outline recognition to easily add stipple and fill patterns to an embroidery design

  • Add details to any project with inside & outside auto stipple, along with fill patterns

  • Powerful onscreen embroidery editing

  • Color Sort feature to cut down on thread changes when combining designs

  • New easy appliqué feature with ability to create multiple appliqués in one hoop

  • Large 10.1" built-in high definition LCD display with large, more defined icons and scrolling menu

  • Smart stitch management with progress bar and direct stitch entry to pin-point the exact stitch

  • 699 built-in embroidery designs; 8 monogramming font styles, 140 frame pattern combinations and 37 lettering fonts.

Embroidery Features:

Maximum Embroidery Area (X x Y): 8" x 14" with included frames; 14" x 14" with optional frame (additional purchase required)
Maximum Embroidery Speed: Up to 1000 Stitches Per Minute
Embroidery Speed: Frames 400 to 1000 spm
Speed Adjustment: Adjust needle speed from 400 to 1000 spm (frame);
Built-in Embroidery Designs:

LCD Panel Features:

Display: Color 4.4"x7.3" ASV HD LCD display with enhanced 176° viewing angle and 16.7 + million colors
Adjustable screen brightness setting: Yes
On-screen tutorials, with videos & diagrams: Yes
Zoom function: Zoom to view many designs up to 200% actual size
On-screen editing: Rotate, mirror image, move, copy, enlarge/reduce, letter spacing, thread density, and group/ungroup edit functions
Preview designs before stitching: Yes
Screen saver: 5 built-in images included; personalized functionality
Adjustable design icon size setting: Yes

Workspace Features:

Runway® lighting: 5 LED lights, equivalent to 35 standard bulbs - 5 customizable brightness settings
Workspace table: Extra-large table (included)

Thread and Needle Features

Number of needles: 10
Number of spools: 10
Auto needle threading: Yes
Numbered threading guides: Yes
Eyelet threading system for consistent thread tension: Yes
Thread anchor: Yes

Innovachrome™ LED Thread Color System:

Number of LED lights with on/off modes: 10
Correct thread color indication: Improved LEDs with brighter, more uniform colors, able to display more than 300 colors for visual indication of correct thread color
Light and audio cues, with on/off modes: Yes
Light and audio cues to alert thread change: Yes
Light and audio cues to alert thread breakage: Yes
Light and audio cues to alert finished design: Yes

Speed Features:

Sewing speed - frames: 400 to 1000 spm
Speed adjustment: Adjust individual needle speed from 400 to 1000 spm (frames);

Built-in Designs and Fonts:

Built-in Brother exclusive designs: 110

Built-in alphabet fonts: 28 size-adjustable embroidery lettering fonts

Built-in alphabet designs: Renaissance, Floral, Appliqué and Greek

Monogramming font styles: 3

Coordinating Accents: 15

Frame Designs: 10


On-screen editing: Yes
Color palette: 300 colors

Design Positioning Features:

InnovEye® Technology: It's like having a built-in camera above the needle, providing a bird's eye view of the needle area
Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker: Works in conjunction with the InnovEye® Technology for precise positioning
Grid function: View grid and design on LCD display for precise alignment

Multiple Machine Linking Features

Link machines to one computer: Link up to four PR1000 series or upgraded PR650 series machines to one computer
Allocate and queue designs: Yes
Queue up to 100 designs: Yes
Status monitoring on computer screen: Yes
Minimize thread changes: Yes

Memory And Media Recognition Features:

Built-in memory: 1.7MB; save up to 500,000 stitches to memory
USB ports: 3 ports; 1 high speed port, 1 port for machine peripherals, 1 port for computer connectivity and upgrades

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